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-Armour in Industrial Craft 2 is arguably somewhat better than that of Equivalent Exchange as it prevents all damage done to the wearer rather than the 90% of red matter armour. Both of the industrial craft armours require power to function, unlike the EE armours.

-There is also Nano armour, which is made from power crystals and carbon plates. The resources to make a full set of nano armour are: 128 coal, 32 redstone, 4 diamonds and 1 glass.

-Quantum armour is the next step up, requiring nano armour is the recipe to make it. As with nano armour it absorbs all damage one to the wearer, but comes with special abilities from each piece. Each piece can store up to 1,000,000 EU and can only be recharged in an MFSU.

  • The Quantum helmet allows the wearer to breath underwater and it also automatically feeds you.
  • The Quantum chestplate has no abilities, but is required with the rest of the armour in order to prevent all damage.
  • The Quantum legs allow the wearer to run at 4X the normal sprint speed when the ctrl key is held down.
  • The Quantum boots allow the wearer to jump much higher when the CTRL key or the boost key is held down.

-You are also immune to fire while wearing quantum armour. This armour is considerably harder to get than nano armour, requiring 10 iridium plates for the whole set. Iridium plates are crafted from [4 iridium ore 4 advanced alloy and 1 diamond] Iridium ore is crafted from 7 UU-matter, meaning that the full set requires 280 UU-matter.

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