Antimatter Relay

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Antimatter Relay
File:Antimatter Relay.gif
Antimatter Relay
Name Antimatter Relay
Type EE Factory Blocks
Tool Grid Wood Pickaxe.png
Stackable Yes (64)
EMC Value 74,177 (Mk.1)
213,889 (Mk.2)
681,281 (Mk. 3)
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Antimatter Relay is an item which is part of the Equivalent Exchange mod. It is used to break down items into raw EMC. The Antimatter Relay comes in Three Tiers. Each upgrade from the previous Tier gains increased Inventory Space, EMC storage, Klein Star Charge rate, Light Level produced and Bonus EMCs.


Mark One

7 x 64 (Obsidian) + 1 (Glass) + 73,728 (Diamond Block) = 74,177 EMC each.

Mark Two

7 x 64 (Obsidian) + 139,264 (Dark Matter) + 74,177 (Antimatter Relay Mk1) = 213,889 EMC each.

Mark Three

7 x 64 (Obsidian) + 466,944 (Red Matter) + 213,889 (Antimatter Relay Mk2) = 681,281 EMC each.


Regaining EMC

Most items in Minecraft have an EMC or Energy-Matter Currency value, everything in Equivalent Exchange is based on these values. Relays are able to break down items placed in them to regain the EMC stored in the item.

Generating EMC

To generate EMC without breaking down items requires the use of an Energy Collector. When paired with an Antimatter Relay the EMC produced by the Energy Collector will pass into the Relay and be stored. As a benefit to doing this, bonus EMC will be collected by the Relay and stored as well. This bonus EMC is based on the Tier level of the Relay and the amount of sides "powered" by the Collector(s). Potentially, an Antimatter Relay can be powered on all 6 Sides.

Transferring EMC

EMC is stored until a Klein Star is placed into the Lightning Bolt slot or is needed in adjacent machines (except other Antimatter Relays), powering those machines if they need the EMC to produce an output. The Antimatter Relay will also act as a conduit from multiple Collectors (that are not producing fuel) to an Energy Collector (that is producing fuel), Energy Condenser, Dark Matter Furnace or Red Matter Furnace.

Tier Bonuses

Tier Level EMC bonus EMC Storage Klein Star Charge Rate Light Level
Mk 1 +1/powered Side 100,000 320 EMC/second 7
Mk 2 +3/powered Side 1,000,000 960 EMC/second 11
Mk 3 +10/powered Side 10,000,000 3200 EMC/second 15


I have a Mk1 Antimatter Relay and I put one Mk1 Energy Collector adjacent to it. That side is now "powered" gaining the 4 EMC/second the Energy Collector produces and gaining 1 EMC additional. If I place a Second Relay next to the Energy Collector, that relay will get the 1 EMC bonus but the EMC produced by the Energy Collector will split evenly between the two relays. If I put a 3rd Relay next to the Collector that Relay will get the 1 EMC bonus as well and the EMC produced by the Energy collector will be split as even as possible between all 3.

Now I place two Mk1 Energy Collectors next to an Antimatter Relay. Each Mk1 Energy Collector will transfer 4 EMC (8 total) to the Relay, The relay will gain 2 Additional EMC/second due to having 2 powered sides gaining a total of 10 EMC/second (8+2). If I add a third Energy Collector it will transfer its 4 EMC (12 raw from all 3 collectors) to the Relay and the Relay will gain an Additional 1 EMC (3 total) making for a final total of 15 EMC/second.

Break Even Point

Before jumping at the chance to make some extra EMC per side, take a look at the figures below. Antimatter Relays will take multiple (real time) hours to recover the cost of the materials required to make them. So unless you specifically need one for it's unique functionality (to change Collectors into Condensers, charge Klein Stars, etc) it is ill advised to invest in one.

# of sides powered =====> 1 2 3 4 5 6
(IRL Hours)
20.60 10.30 6.87 5.15 4.12 3.43
(IRL Hours)
19.80 9.90 6.60 4.95 3.96 3.30
(IRL Hours)
18.92 9.46 6.31 4.73 3.78 3.15

(EMC/s tested at light level 15)

EMC/s Equation

  • A Mk1 Antimatter Relay powered on all 6 Sides will store 6 EMC/second + 22 EMC/second (4EMC/s Per Energy Collector Mk I but the Relay only puts out a light level of 7 to the Collector below it, thus said Collector only generates 7/15*4 EMC/s) = 28EMC/second.
  • A Mk2 Antimatter Relay powered on all 6 Sides will store 18 EMC/second in addition to the production of attached Energy Collectors.
  • A Mk3 Antimatter Relay powered on all 6 Sides will store 60 EMC/second in addition to the production of attached Energy Collectors.

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