Red Matter

Red Matter is used in the upgrades of certain items, such as an Antimatter Relay or Energy Collector, and to craft Red Matter Tools and Armor. Even though two recipes can be used, the EMC used for EE is 204,800, but in SMP it is 466,944 (57 Diamonds worth). If you have 10,368 Coal and a Philosopher's Stone, you can create one Red Matter from an Automatic Crafting Table Mk. II.

Red Matter can also be crafted into Red Matter Blocks, either for storage, decoration, or for use in crafting other items.

It has been set to be removed, along with the items that needs it (Red Matter Armor, Gem Armor, Pedstal, RM Furnace) in Equivelant Exchange 3.


As of of EE2, Red Matter orbs can be crafted:

Aeternalis Fuel

Dark Matter

Aeternalis Fuel

Aeternalis Fuel

Dark Matter

Aeternalis Fuel

Aeternalis Fuel

Dark Matter

Aeternalis Fuel

Red Matter

3 x 139,264 (Dark Matter) + 6 x 8,192 (Aeternalis Fuel) = 466,944 EMC

Note: The recipe below does not work in the newest Tekkit version.

Aeternalis Fuel

Aeternalis Fuel

Aeternalis Fuel

Aeternalis Fuel

Dark Matter

Aeternalis Fuel

Aeternalis Fuel

Aeternalis Fuel

Aeternalis Fuel

Red Matter

1 x 139,264 (Dark Matter) + 8 x 8,192 (Aeternalis Fuel) = 204,800 EMC


Antimatter Relay

Energy Collector


Red Matter Block

Soul Stone

Body Stone

Void Ring

Mercurial Eye

Ring of Arcana

Armor Set

Red Matter Helmet

Red Matter Chestplate

Red Matter Legs

Red Matter Boots


Red Matter Pickaxe

Red Matter Shovel

Red Matter Axe

Red Matter Sword

Red Matter Hammer

Red Matter Hoe

Red Matter Shears

Red Katar

Red Morning Star

Best Way to Obtain Red Matter

There are many ways of effectively obtaining Red Matter. But, the best way is by using an Energy Condenser to make the items necessary! If you have nothing else to do go mining and place all the items you got mining in the condenser to make it go by faster.

A secondary way of producing Red Matter that is less effort for the player is to have a Gem of Eternal Density, Black Hole Band, Destruction Catalyst or Catalytic Lens and possibly an Alchemy Bag then you go underground and right click until you are satisfied.

Another good way of getting Red Matter is to have one or more Energy Condensers creating Diamonds (or Gold, Iron, etc.) and sending them via pipes (whichever pipe you choose) to an Alchemical Chest with a Gem of Eternal Density in it.

Arguably the most efficient way to get red matter is to set up an Alchemical Chest with a Gem of Eternal Density. Place a DM Pedestal on top and one in front of the alchemical chest. Put a Black Hole Band into the DM Pedestal on top and a Harvest Goddess Band in the DM Pedestal in front of the Alchemical Chest. Then plant sugar cane around the Harvest Goddess Band and then turn both on. The sugar cane will instantly grow and then be instantly harvested by the Harvest Goddess Band. The Black Hole Band will suck the sugarcane into the Alchemical Chest, and the Gem of Eternal Density will convert it all into red matter. Optionally you may surround the sugar cane in glass so the black hole band doesn't accidentally pick anything else up.

Video Tutorial

<youtube width=222 height=142>IVUka42520A</youtube>

<youtube height=142 width=222> ScT6PBp-uUc </youtube>

<youtube height=142 width=222> pL7_dv3rsew </youtube>


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