Red Matter Sword

Red Matter Sword
File:Red Matter Sword.png
Name Red Matter Sword
Type Weapon
EMC Value 1,220,608
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Red Matter Sword is a weapon with unlimited durability, crafted from Red Matter as an upgrade to the Dark Matter Sword. The Red Matter Sword has a base damage of 7 hearts and has one special effect that can be activated when charged by pressing "V":

Simply right-click with the Red Matter Sword, or press the R key. This enables a an area-of-effect slash, causing damage to any mobs in the vicinity. The area of effect is determined by charge level.

Activating this special effect consumes 1 Glowstone Dust. If you have a Klein Star however, it will consume the EMC directly from it instead.

Pressing "C" changes the sword's mode between slay aggressive and slay all modes. The first makes it so that the sword harms only aggressive mobs(eg, creepers and zombies) while the latter harms all mobs.


Video Tutorial


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