Gem of Eternal Density

Gem of Eternal Density
Name Gem of Eternal Density
Type Tool
Luminance No
Stackable No
Data Value dec:27553
EMC Value 319,616
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Gem of Eternal Density "eats" items with an EMC value, starting with the lowest EMC value, every second when active on your hotbar from your inventory, collecting EMC until it has enough to produce the next tier of Matter in this progression:

Iron Gold Diamond Dark Matter Red Matter
Grid Iron Ore.png > Grid Gold Ore.png > Grid Diamond.png > Grid Dark Matter.png > Grid Red Matter.png

The Gem of Eternal Density will upgrade to the highest tier matter it can from the items it collects. This is somewhat of a must-have if you also have the Destruction Catalyst as they work very well together. It also works well on long mining trips, because it saves on inventory space.

If the Gem of Eternal Density is placed in an Alchemical Chest/Alchemy Bag or Energy Condenser it will convert 10 items into their next tier per second. It will also only consume until it reaches a point where it cannot reasonably turn anything inside into anything else.

The Gem of Eternal Density will leave you with a stack of Materials to build with, also has a matrix which will leave certain "essentials" unharmed. If the Gem of Eternal Density does not produce Matter the eaten items are stored internally. You can retrieve them by toggling the Gem of Eternal Density off (by pressing "G").

2 x 64 (Obsidian) + 5 x 8192 (Diamond) + 2 x 139,264 (Dark Matter) = 319,616 EMC each.


Note: The Obsidian and Dark Matter can be switched around.


Void Ring

Gravity Greaves

Video Tutorial

<youtube height=142 width=222>CoZ45fyPGXI</youtube> <youtube height=142 width=222> ePi4X6HpWm4 </youtube> <youtube width=222 height=142>ygxlRcWrdT0</youtube>

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