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Tekkit Version v3.1.4

BuildCraft is the oldest Minecraft mod which revolves around automating tasks. Its best known for its machines and pipe-based transport systems, which are all powered by engines.


BuildCraft has two main uses: the moving around of items via pipes and engines, and digging, pumping and mining with various machines. The BuildCraft mod really is the key to world automation, as it is compatible with almost every other mod, and definitely those in the technic pack; it is the best option for moving items from place to place. Mine factory does this to some extent with its conveyer belts, but the BuildCraft options are far more advanced.


Buildcraft adds: Cobblestone pipes

Stone pipes

Wooden pipes

Waterproofed wooden pipes

Waterproofed Stone pipes

Waterproofed cobblestone pipes pipes

Item teleport pipes

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