that you are free to use those ideas any way you wish.Also he finishes up with sianyg Steampunk Jetpack , using super-compressed steam/air Hold on, he is still rambling Minecart system to pick up frozen creatures from a mobtrap/farm with some kind of sorter on the system to route them to specific areas. Maybe break down skeleton/creepers/endermen into chunks for pulverization into usefuls, send spiders off to a silk farm, etc He states carryable frozen creatures would be weird, need to send them places through other means. A mobtrap with each wall having a minecart tracks and RP2 upcoming sensor blocks in the wall to detect when a mob is next to it/on the wall, then opens the valve for a few seconds, freezes it and sends a minecart to pick it up.Creatures should thaw out after only a minute, maybe less, so if on long tracks need to refreeze them en route too if you want them to stay frozen, and need some way to pick up the minecart again while dropping the creature out, and a sorting system for minecarts based on what is inside Maybe the natural process of thawing should kill them and you need to stuff the minecart/creature into a machine quickly that warms them up in a controlled manner for them to live As for spider milking, thaw them using the above machine in a pen, let them roam, when they get in front of or on top of the silk machine it gets a thing of silk from them, then after a cooldown (per spider or per machine, however) it can do it again next time one goes near/on again. After a certain amount of silk milkings the spider dies (each milking harms it by one point of damage, a half heart?). Perhaps a system to feed them so they get health back, maybe ground zombie sludge, although it makes sense that they need live food, perhaps forward the occasional cow/pig/sheep/chicken/whatever into their pen as live food? But if you have a mob farm with spiders it should not be hard to keep it stocked regardless. Silk, in comparison to just string, could be used for anything from Kevlar to machines requiring a high pressure composite. Need, say, 9 silk strings to make a silk cloth, or maybe another step in between, need a lot of silk to do anything useful of course considering how small/fine it is.Still bent on the enderman use, grinding them up into powder for the transportation machinery is a possibility, but does not feel' right, need some kind of targeting system for the transportations or who knows where it would send things regardless Perhaps you need live endermen to power' the transportation systems, cage them up, hook them up, use them' to perform teleportations or perhaps just harness their energy somehow, keep them fed of course, maybe intravenously if they are truly and fully hooked up to a machine, lots of ways they can be used and balanced that way. Could alternatively power the transportation machinery with ender pearls at a focused but short rate, live enderman would be much more valuable if you could thaw them properly to keep them alive. If they did need to be fed then what would you feed an interdimensional traveling creature, meat and grains and such does not sound right Do they even have blood or a circulatory system? Maybe focused blutricity or a laser of some form keeps them energized', a laser on a certain wavelength? Perhaps just not feeding them and just having them expire' after a certain number of teleportations in the system, hence you would need a farm for them for other reasons then just expanding the transportation mechanisms and abilities.As for zombies, instead of just grinding them down into a paste for fertilizer enhancements or so, if you do get mechanical power, you could use them to generate some power, a giant rotating assembly that they push against, even if no mechanical power that could perhaps generate energy. The zombie's life force would give out after a certain time though so would still need a mob farm to make more, that would make a definite cap as to how many of those generators' of mechanical/energy power one could have, because you would just not have enough zombies to power any more due to their expiring life and the limit of how fast they can spawn at max. As for how they power something, imagine them pushing bars like in an old millhouse, there are quite a large amount of possibilities for how to do that as well, a max of 6 per place, or just one per place. Would need some kind of bait to make the zombies work however, would need to figure out what that is, perhaps drop meat on the ground in the distance and as they walk through' an area they push a conveyor with planks attached of some sort to generate the power until they reach the other side and they get their reward, then bait them back to the other side down another path or so (or use actual conveyors? like the style from MineFactory Reloaded) and they repeat, until they finally exhaust themselves and die (with no usable zombie flesh most likely). Or some kind of center wheel that they just rotate around like the above millhouse suggestion, or just use a treadmill, one per zombie? Hmm, if a treadmill is used then human players could generate needed bursts of power if they need it too. It could be a treadmill on the bottom block, panels on the inside blocks on up two high with the front 2nd high one missing so they can see bait on the other side, could put many side by side, lets you put a sensor on the back or so to detect if they are still alive or so or need refilling with another zombie. Definitely prefer the idea of a much large building with multiple zombies having to all push something, more zombies, up to say 6 or 9 or something has it make more power, more then a single zombie work 6 or 9 different one of course.If such a mod were made of this mod to interact with RP2, it could be called MobPower . Oh now I do with RP2 had an api out, would be fun to experiment with, Forge needs more hooks And yes, he always gets on such idea tangents, a lot more just for (super)compressed air use as well, but most of those are obvious, could use it to generate mechanical power directly instead of needing to use an electrical motor of some sort.

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