Dark Matter Axe

File:Dark Matter Axe ig.png
The Dark Matter Axe.

The Dark Matter Axe is a Dark Matter Tool made with Dark Matter and a Diamond handle. It has unlimited durability, so lasts forever.


It cuts faster than a Diamond Axe. In addition, by pressing "V" to charge, then right-clicking with the axe equipped, you can clear all logs and leaf blocks nearby, with all drops being sent directly on the player. This is useful for quickly clearing large trees or forests.

Fuel Usage and Charge

The right-click ability requires fuel. It can use any item that EE classifies as "Fuel", such as coal, glowstone, a charged Klein Star, etc. The amount of fuel used is dependant on the number of blocks broken, similar to all other EE block-breaking tools. The length of the right-click ability dependent on the EMC of the fuel used. All Dark Matter Tools have two charge levels, increasing the breaking speed of the tool by a factor of the charge.


3 x 139,264 (Dark Matter) + 2 x 8,192 (Diamond) = 434,176 EMC

Video Tutorial

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