Equivalent Exchange:Divining Rod

Divining rods come in 3 levels, green, blue, and dark blue. They are used to scan areas in a 3x3 pattern whereever you right click with them.


  • The first level, green, can scan sections of 3x3x3 blocks. It will then give you the average EMC value of the blocks it scanned.
  • The blue one can scan a 3x3x3 area or a 3x3x16 area. It will give the highest value found.
  • The dark blue scans a 3x3x3 area or a 3x3x16 area, or a 3x3x64 area. It will give you the lowest EMC value and the two highest values found.


level 1

level 2


  • Very useful for stripmining for diamonds
  • Level 3 Divining Rod can be used to find where to set a quarry

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