Name Filler
Type Machine
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Tool Grid Wood Pickaxe.png
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value dec:155
Mod Included BuildCraft

The Filler is a machine to fill whole areas with blocks. It needs to be placed in front of a Landmark to fill the area the Landmark is describing.

A Filler can be powered by either a Steam Engine, Combustion Engine, or an Energy Link. Unaided, Redstone Engines do not produce enough power to run the Filler (even if linked).



Right-clicking on a Filler brings up the Filler interface. The top 3x3 area is for a Filler pattern, and the resources area is where you place the materials to build with. There are 6 patterns that can be used. Patterns are made by placing Bricks and/or Glass in the top 3x3 area. When there is a valid pattern in the Filler, the pattern icon will be visible in the small space in the top of the interface, and on the sides of the Filler. The lights on top of the Filler will also have turned green.

A Filler will fill in water blocks, but will not fill in lava or Oil blocks at all. Sand or Gravel can be used in the Filler to fill in lava or Oil, due to gravity affecting them.

When the Filler has finished its task, the lights will turn red again to indicate that it is finished. To start it working again on the same area, just remove and replace one of the bricks or glass from the pattern. A pick is needed to retrieve a Filler once placed.

Note: Care should be taken when clearing areas using the Flatten or Clear patterns, as
the cleared blocks will sit on the ground for you to collect, easily piling up and causing lag.

Note: The filler seems buggy when used in multiplayer games when the location outlined starts with a negative X or Y coordinate ending in positive coordinates.

Filler Patterns

When placed, this gui will open:

Fill pattern: Fills the area with blocks.

Clear pattern: Removes all blocks in the area.

Stair pattern: Creates a staircase with 1 block high steps.

Box pattern: Walls, ceiling and floor.

Flatten pattern: Clears the area, and fills in holes in the the layer underneath the area.

Pyramid pattern: Creates a pyramid inside the area.

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