Getting Started (Buildcraft)

Getting Started (Buildcraft)

BuildCraft is a mod with amazing potential. You can build a power plant that creates power for quarries that auto-mine! You can even have automatic sorting systems to sort the inflow of items with ease!

New World

File:2012-09-23 22.51.42.png
An array of BuildCraft items.

When your world generates, you will need a few things.

Go mining for redstone, iron, diamonds, and coal. On your way, you will come across some Copper and Tin, but since you are just going for BuildCraft, don't bother mining them.

Basic Buildcraft

Once you have sufficient materials, you should craft a Redstone Engine. After that, it is advisable to craft a few Pipes, cobblestone and wood. Once you have those basic recipes, it should lead into advanced technologies.

Intermediate Buildcraft

The best thing to do in intermediate buildcraft is to make a Pump. You will also need some waterproofing for your pipes.

Place your pump down above oil and place your redstone engines next to it. Once that is done, you need to make a tank to store the oil. The next step to get this to work is to power the redstone engines and connect the waterproof pipes to your tank. You could also upgrade to steam engines to get the pump to pump with a little bit more power. Steam engines run on coal, so you should have a decent supply before you go into steam engines.

Advanced Buildcraft

Now is when you get to the good stuff. You should now build a few quarries to mine for you. Also, to speed up your incoming items, make a few Golden Transport Pipes and sort your items into separate chests with Diamond Transport Pipes. You should also get into Combustion Engines now, as they are the most powerful engine. Although, you will have to constantly fill them with water so that they dont explode. To transport your power, make some conductive pipes. Now that you are almost at the top, it is now time to explore more types of pipes such as the Obsidian Transport Pipe and the Iron Transport Pipe.

Other Mods

Now that you have reached the top of the BuildCraft tech tree, it is time to incorperate it wih other mods! For example, you could have a chest that pumps into a Macerator, that pumps into an Electric Furnace, which pumps into another chest! This is a perfect example of an IndustrialCraft-BuildCraft Cross.

Now, it is up to you to decide what you are going to do. The possibilities are endless!

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