Gold Cable

File:Gold Cables.png
From left to right: Gold Cable, Insulated Gold Cable, 2x Insulated Gold Cable

Gold Cable is a Tier 2 cable type. They suffer higher distance-related energy losses than copper cables, but are able to carry Medium Voltage, up to 128 EU/t. Gold cables have 2 different levels of insulation, with the 2x insulation providing smaller losses per tile and less shock damage from high voltage. It's worth noting that even though gold cables have a higher energy loss per packet, this is countered by the fact that the maximum packet size for gold cables is 4 times that of copper cables. For example, if you send 128 EU through 4 tiles using copper cables, you will have 4 packets of 32 EU, and each of those will suffer a 1 EU loss, resulting in 124 EU reaching its destination. If gold cables are used, that 128 EU will be sent in a single packet, that will suffer a 2 EU loss, resulting in a final 126 EU. For this reason, it is recommended to use transformers to elevate the voltage when transferring power through long distances.

Cable type EU/b Energy loss
Gold Uninsulated 0.5 1 EU every 2 blocks
Gold Insulated 0.45 1 EU every 2.22 blocks
Gold 2x Insulated 0.4 1 EU every 2.5 blocks


Uninsulated Gold Cable

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Gold Cable


Insulated Gold Cable

Double-Insulated Gold Cable


Industrialcraft Wiki

Used as Electric Fences

You can use uninsulated Gold cables to Make an effecient electric fence!

To do so Just wire the gold cable around the area that you want to protect,Hook it up to a MFE Unit and loop it back into another MFE Unit.Then Hook the second MFE Unit Up to the first ones input side and provide the first one with a Electric Charge.

There you go now you have a Electric Fence!

Here are some pictures of my setup protection my faction:

Although, if you can, HV cables do more damage and cost iron as opposed to gold. However, to be effective they need a HV current.

Video Tutorial

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