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A Grate is used as a connector between a redpower fluid pipe system and liquid source blocks (Oil, lava, water, fuel.) It has to be placed near some type of fluid source blocks.

Grates can either remove fluid source blocks from the environment and put them into a connected fluid pipe or place fluid source blocks coming in through a connected fluid pipe in the environment. Which of these two options they do depends on the direction the pump pumps the fluid. There is an arrow on the pump that you will see when you place it. You will need 2 grates, one to collect fluid and one to distribute it.

Building tanks for fluids is possible but it is highly recommend to build a roof on the top of the tank, otherwise it will overflow. Don't use an infinite spring. You could also use these grates to transfer liquids into "tanks" that you make. These tanks could be long as you want, as long as the grate could pace the blocks, that would be a simple yet realistic idea

To be added

-Range of effect

-Sorting/placement conditions (what is the placement priority (bottom then side then top if space is available, and placement range)


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