Induction Furnace

Induction Furnace
Name Induction Furnace
Type Machine
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast Resistance ?
Tool Grid Wrench.png
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value dec:250:13
Mod Included Industrial Craft 2

The Induction Furnace is an advanced version of the Electric Furnace. It has the ability to process 2 stacks of items simultaneously. Doing so will also save 50% of the energy that would have been used had every stack been smelted by itself.

If you apply a Redstone signal to it, it will continuously build up the heat needed for smelting with 100% heat, consuming EU in the process. However this is a very small amount (1 EU/t) while just building up heat, so the EU cost can easily be covered with 2-3 Solar Panels. (1 Solar Panel produces enough EU to maintain 100% heat without any energy lost but will lose energy if items are smelted)


Raw Materials needed
Amount Icon Name
12 Grid Refined Iron.png Refined Iron
3 Grid Bronze.png Bronze
3 Grid Tin.png Tin
16 Grid Coal.png Coal
8 Grid Iron.png Iron
2 Grid Redstone Dust.png Redstone Dust
10 Grid Copper.png Copper
6 Grid Rubber.png Rubber


The smeltable items are put into the two top slots, and then the Induction Furnace is supplied with EU. Note that the furnace can accept only Low Voltage (up to 32 EU/t); Although it has a higher EU acceptance then LV, it will not accept MV current. The processed items appear in the two slots on the right side.

During its operation, the Furnace will build up heat, up to the 100% level. When idle, the heat will slowly dissipate back to 0%. It is possible to build up the heat by providing a Redstone signal to the Furnace. In that case, the Furnace will consume a constant of 1 EU/t to build up the heat to get to 100%.

In combination with BuildCraft, one can fill the Induction Furnace with a pipe connecting to the top of it, and retrieve the products with a wooden pipe on a side, but not the bottom.


Input 6,000 (0% heat), 208 (100% heat) (16 EU/t)

1 EU/t (while maintaining heat)

Output None
Storage 10,000 EU

Maximum input: 127 EU/t before exploding.

Since the Induction Furnace does not have upgrade slots for Transformer Upgrades, Overclockers, or Energy Storage Upgrades, it is impossible to feed 512 EU/t (HV current) or 128EU/t (MV current) into it without the machine exploding.

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