Industrial Craft:Blocks

IndustrialCraft adds several new blocks and ores such as Rubber wood (from Rubber trees), Copper Ore (found between layers 10 to 70), Tin Ore (found from layers 0 to 40) and Uranium Ore (found on layers 0 to 64).

As well as new block being added there have been some changes to a few already existing block; Obsidian has had its explosion resistance decreased from 6000 to 60, Water and Lava have also had their explosion resistances decreased from 500 to 30, a Lava bucket now has only 2000 fuel point when used in an Iron Furnace as opposed to 20000, Cacti can now be used as fuel with 50 fuel points as can Sugar Cane.

These new blocks are used in a number of new recipes to create new items such as Cables, Machines, EU Storage Devices as well as EU Production Devices (Generators).

Recipes coming soon.

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