Industrial Information Panel

File:Info panel.png
GUI for Industrial Information Panel.
An information panel with 5 extenders linked to an MFSU.

When placed, the green (Display) side of the Industrial Information Panel will face away from the block it was placed on. You can right click it, with an IndustrialCraft Wrench, to change the way it faces and shift + right click to rotate text on the panel. To turn on the information panel, you must provide a Redstone current.

You can place a Reactor Sensor Location Card, Energy Sensor Location Card or Time Card in its top slot and it will display information about the linked Nuclear Reactor, device or the current in game time. A Remote Sensor Kit must be used on the device (EU Storage device or Nuclear Reactor) that you wish to monitor.

An Information Panel Extender can be placed adjacently, facing the same direction, and all connected panels will appear as one large display.

It is possible to display the information for more than one device on a display, providing it is big enough, by placing an Energy Array Location Card (made of multiple Sensor Location Cards) into the information panel.

Its default range that it will connect to a linked storage unit/reactor is 8 blocks. This can be doubled with a Range Upgrade.


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