Luminators are thin machines which emit light upon being supplied with EU power. When placed, they change shape depending on whether the surface they're placed on is on the horizontal or vertical plane.

Creating light takes energy (0.25 EU/t). They can also be powered by right clicking them with an RE Battery or Energy Crystal but NOT a Lapotron Crystal. They can store up to 10,000 EU which will last for 2 Minecraft days. They are not able to be turned on/off with a redstone current.

When hostile mobs comes in physical contact with a luminator, they will start burning. Placing luminators on the floor might offer a good protection against mobs, as well as providing light.

Although it is impossible to place luminators under water, flowing water will not destroy the luminators, making them useful in airlocks.

Luminators can take an input of up to 32 EU/t before exploding.



Input 0.25 EU/t
Output -
Storage 10,000

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