File:Multiplexer 208px.png
Name Multiplexer
Type Logic
Stackable Yes
Mod Included RedPower2

A Multiplexer is a Logic Gate with 3 inputs and one output. Similar to the real-life version, the multiplexer's output mimics the logical state of either the 'left' or 'right' input, depending on the state of the 'bottom' input (as seen from above, with the ouput as 'top').


Logic Table

File:2012-06-20 18.09.18.png
7 Multiplexer, showing all possible inputs. The side closest to the top is the input.

Table assumes a view from above, with the output at the 'top'.

Bottom Left Right Top
Off Off Off Off
Off Off On On
Off On Off Off
Off On On On
On Off Off Off
On Off On Off
On On Off On
On On On On


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