Nether Ores

The Nether Ores mod that is currently in the latest version of the Tekkit pack. This mod allows users to find and mine ores in the nether.

Nether Ores have a small chance to explode when exposed to air so be carefull while mining them. Nether Ores give a use for going into the nether other than to get glowstone.

Making Nether Ores Usable

When you have mined a ore in the Nether it will not become an ore like in the normal Minecraft world.

You have to smelt the raw nether ore inside a furnace. Here is a list of what the ores will smelted into:

Nether Ore After Smelting
Nether Copper Ore 1 Copper Ore
Nether Tin Ore 1 Tin Ore
Nether Redstone Ore 6 pieces of Redstone
Nether Lapis Lazuli 8 pieces of Lapis Lazuli
Nether Iron Ore 1 Iron Ore
Nether Coal Ore 1 piece of coal
Nether Diamond Ore 1 Diamond
Nether Gold Ore 1 Gold Ore

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