Nikolite is an ore that drops as Dust when mined, in the same

fashion as Redstone ore. It can only be mined with an Iron Pickaxe or higher. It is fairly common, and can be found in large veins. Because it is so common and is only used in RedPower2 machines, many players choose to Condense it.

Block Usage

Combining four Nikolite with a Silver Ingot in the Alloy Furnace will produce a Blue Alloy Ingot. Also, combining four with a Silicon Wafer in the Alloy Furnace makes a Blue-Doped Wafer. You can also use Nikolite for crafting a BT Battery.

As all of these uses are not very common, many players use Nikolite's high EMC value of 128 to make diamonds in the Energy Condenser or in the Transmutation Tablet.


BT Battery


Blue Alloy Ingot

Blue-Doped Wafer

Bugs & Errors

There is a bug that causes the world to crash and be lost when the pick-block key is used on Nikolite.


  • Due to its close resemblance to the Diamond texture, it is sometimes called Fool's Diamond.
  • One stack of Nikolite is the equivalent to 1 diamond.

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