-More cross-using of APIs and interfaces would beinfet both mods.Thats one point Alblaka lately summoned up from a diskussion with eloraam and it is one thing I liked to hear. BC/IC/RP are 3 Mods that work very well together. Every one of them has there unique parts, which is good and not so good. A quarry pumping out blocks which are transported and sortet by tubes, with the Ores going into macerators and induction-furnaces means I need 3 different Power-Sources *g*.The next thing is the CPU. RP will have one and IC2 also (mainly to control your Nuclear-Reactors^^). The question is, are they behaving like Apple and Microsoft or will they be able to communicate with each other (which would be awesome). Or maybe they have different functions and contribute to each other (which still means that there is a way of communicating between both).So BC alone lacks some technology, but supports mining and transportation. RP gives you good logistics and redstone-management, but nothing to play with in the end, IC has Mining Lasers, Nano-Sabers and so one, but lacks the logistic to produce them in an efficient way, because it has no automation.But if you put all three together you have tons of possibilities normally resulting in lots of fun. So even if the mods copy from each other (or accidently develop in the same direction) it just means that you get more possibilities and probably more fun. It also may open up new design approaches to make BC pipes different from RP-tubes (actually the BC3-Gates are really great and again an improvement for us to play with).You just have two options if you design mods.First you can make your mod dependend from other mods (like Forestry from SirSengir pretty much depends upon BC) or you implement everything you need into your mod.The important thing is that the mods work with each other as good as possible. If that is the case the users deside if they go for pipes or tubes or carry things around themself. It is not the decision of the modder.

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