"Microblocks" adds a whole new level of aesthetics to Minecraft; specifically, blocks that aren't a whole 'meter' thick.

The basic way this mod works is that you can craft "Handsaws", items that have other uses, but are mainly for the cutting of blocks. You can make diamond, iron, emerald, ruby, and sapphire handsaws, and all work the same way: you put the item you want to cut in a crafting square, and the handsaw on the top to get in sliced in half one way, on the right to get sliced another way. Using the handsaw crafting like this uses up the durability of it, like a tool. Also like tools, The different tiers work more times, with less durability loss, the higher the level. You may cut almost any block, and if you craft two of the cut blocks together, you get a whole block.

This mod is mostly for aesthetic builders.

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