Type RedPower Machines
Tool File:Grid Screwdriver.png
Stackable Yes (64)
Item ID dec:150:10
Added by RedPower2

The Regulator is very versatile and can be used for many tasks. This machine can be used inline, as well as for sorting and filtering among other options.

It will emit a redstone pulse whenever it ejects items and will provide a constant redstone signal when the inventory connected to the output side holds at least the amount of items in the output side inventory.


The regulator can be considered to have 3 inventories;

An input:

This is the left inventory. Items in this inventory determine the kind and amount of items the internal buffer will accept from a tube connected to the block's input side. If used inline this must be filled or it will not be considered a valid destination.

An internal buffer:

This is the centre inventory. Items are stored here and ejected on the block's output when the items exactly match the input inventory. Items supplied from the sides of the block also enter this inventory, circumventing the input side's rules.

An output:

This is the right inventory. Items placed in this slot will enable output only if the connected inventory has fewer items than specified here. Filling those inventories is optional, but the effects can be combined for additional effects.

It has 2 modes of operation, which determine output behavior.

The Regulator's GUI.

Output Modes

There are two ouput modes;

Synchronous Output:

This mode is the default mode and will only eject items on the output side if the internal buffer matches output requirements exactly.

Asynchronous Output"

This mode will match each kind of item individually and not wait for the ratio to match.





  • The Regulator won't be considered a valid receiver if there is nothing in its input inventory.

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