Rubber Trampoline

Rubber Trampline
File:Rubber Sheet ig.png
A Placed Rubber Trampoline
Name Rubber Trampline
Type Solid Block
Physics No
Transparency Yes
Luminance No
Blast Resistance ?
Tool Any
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 234
EMC Value ?
Mod Included IndustrialCraft 2

The Rubber Trampoline (In game known as Rubber Sheet) is a highly advanced piece of Rubber capable of negate fall damage by bouncing the player as they land. You can jump from up to 15 blocks above the Trampoline without taking any damage. At 16 blocks, you will take all falling damage (8 Hearts). The Rubber Trampoline must be connected on at least two opposing sides (placing it in a corner will not work) and it must have one empty block underneath it, similar to a real Trampoline.

. If it is placed incorrectly, upon landing on it, the Trampoline will instantly disappear, and will not drop.

Bouncing and Usage

  • Upon landing the player will bounce up to half as high as they fell from, bouncing several times from a high jump (4 bounces from 15 blocks up). This means that from a very high jump, you must allow yourself to bounce to a halt before getting off, or you may still take fall damage from the second or third bounce.
  • You can also hold jump while bouncing to increase your height. You cannot start from directly on the trampoline - you will simply jump repeatedly. However, if you jump from any height above, even from just the one block supporting it on the side, you will slowly increase height each jump.
  • You'll gain 1 block every 4-5 jumps at first, then once you're jumping 3-4 blocks up, it will accelerate to gaining 1 block every 3 jumps or so. You'll continue to increase until you're jumping 7 blocks, then it will decelerate again until you reach ~8 blocks, at which point it will quietly play the sound for falling damage when you bounce again (you'll usually take no damage, but on rare occasions you will take fall damage, instantly killing you) and you'll stop bouncing.
  1. If you start jumping from above that 8th block, you'll continue jumping slightly higher until about 10 blocks, at which point it will stop the same way as mentioned above. If you start from above 10, you'll bounce once or twice to the same height, then stop.



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