Rubberwood Tree

File:2012-09-28 17.42.52.png
A Rubberwood Tree.

Rubberwood Trees are the largest trees in Tekkit. They grow in a 3x3 formation rather than a 1x1 block. The wood, however, cannot be crafted into Wooden Planks. Instead, it is crafted into 8 Sticks. Note that, if the player has an energy condenser or transmutation table, the 8 sticks can be transmuted into a single log or 4 wooden planks.

Rubberwood can be placed into an Extractor or Centrifuge Extractor to create a single piece of Rubber.

These trees are sometimes used as homes, by either making a spiral staircase up the trunk or hollowing out the trunk with ladders and a door as an entrance. A player can then clear out a room inside the tree or live on top of the tree. As rubberwood will not burn, you can even light a fireplace for a light source or make a makeshift incinerator (lava in a small pit) without losing your wooden house.





  • Rubberwood will not catch fire.
  • Rubberwood can be smelted in to charcoal.
  • They can only grow in jungle biomes.
  • They can only be destroyed manually (ie. Axe, etc.) or by Explosion (TNT, etc.)

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