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Stackable Yes (64)
Item ID dec:220
Added by Industrial Craft 2

Scaffolding is used to aid in construction, allowing you to easily climb amongst your work. When placed, you can climb up and down it as you would a ladder, on all four sides. It also collapses when a block below it is broken, making cleanup after your construction done easier and faster. Scaffolding is also used in Brewing, as Empty Booze Barrels must be placed down on Scaffold blocks.

It is important in the use of the CF Sprayer. The Sturdier Iron Scaffold currently cannot be used with a CF sprayer.



Using scaffolding, you can build a way to climb from the ground up. To begin, just place a piece of scaffolding with right click where you wish to start the base of the scaffolding. Then, with your scaffold still selected, left click the existing scaffold and you will automatically add another piece of scaffolding above the existing one. To build out from the side of a scaffold you right click the side you wish to build out from. Unless you reinforce your scaffolding, however, you can only build out a maximum of two blocks from the side of your main scaffolding without making another piece of main scaffolding that goes down to the ground.

Reinforcing Scaffold

If you wish to build your scaffolding out an additional 3 blocks (for a total of 5) away from the main structure, simply select your sticks (2 are needed), and right click the main structure where you wish to extend the scaffold, thus allowing it to extend out an additional 3 blocks over air. Reinforced scaffolding has a visual difference from regular, having the center filled in with wood to signify its difference.

Removing Scaffold

To remove scaffold, simply destroy the lowest part of the scaffold you wish to remove, and any connecting scaffold will automatically break apart as well, and any reinforced scaffold will also return the sticks used in reinforcing it.


  • Scaffolds are by far the most efficient wood based fuel for furnaces. The 16 scaffolds crafted from a single log give over 3 times the heat you would have gotten with 1 single charcoal.


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