State Cell

State Cell

File:State Cell.png

Type Logic
Stackable Yes (64)
Item ID dec:138:2
Added by RedPower2

The State Cell will send a constant Redstone signal from its primary output for a configurable amount of time, once it has been activated. It will also output a redstone pulse from its secondary output once the allotted time has finished.

GUI For The State Cell

When placed by the player, the primary input is facing the player and the primary output is on the left. The secondary output (for the finishing pulse signal) is on the far side. When a redstone signal is sent in through the primary input the State Cell will send a constant redstone signal from its primary output. Once the input signal ceases, the State Cell continues the output signal for the specified period of time (determined by right-clicking on the State Cell to open the interface). Once the configured period of time elapses, and no further redstone input is given, the primary output will cease and a redstone pulse will be sent out by the secondary input.

The State Cell also has a secondary input, which is on the right side as placed by the player. This secondary input is ignored unless the primary input is already activated with an incoming redstone signal. If a redstone signal comes in through the primary input, then another signal comes in through the secondary input, the primary input can cease and the State Cell will continue to hold its state until the secondary input stops. Once the secondary input stops, and no further redstone signal comes in, it continues to send a signal through the primary output until the configured time elapses.


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