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There are so many tips and tricks that aren't listed anywhere, or obscurely, or some things just need repeating in general. Here are some of them neatly compiled in a list

  • Rubber tree's sap holes can be right-clicked again when there is no sap, which will more than likely destroy the hole and make the tree infertile.
  • The Industrialcraft2 Miner can retract its pipes after finishing mining. Take out the drill, keep it powered, and the pipes will be put into the attached chest (or pipe)
  • Be careful connecting RedPower2 pipes, there will be a time when you accidentally connect them to that Generator!
  • Slabs from RedPower2 can be used to route RedPower2 pipes without coloring them, but can't block vanilla redstone wiring.
  • Nuclear reactors require redstone to power them in order to "turn" them off. (This can be used as a very handy safety feature that shuts off a reactor if the wire loses power). In order for RedPower2 red alloy wires to work, they must be placed on the reactor using sneak.
  • Solar panels will generate power even when they have snow on them.
  • SCAFFOLDING. Use it. Mining, building, scheming, traveling, base jumping, swimming, eating. Seriously. Place one down on firm ground and then left click the base (or anywhere on that column) to build it as tall as you please. All 4 sides act as ladders, and can be built sideways up to two spaces.
  • Industrial Diamonds can be crafted into diamonds. 1 to 1. (Who took all my coal stacks!?)
  • Lots of RedPower2 Smelting recipes are not set positionally or numerically, and is not affected by "unneeded" items. You can fill it with all sorts of crap, but as long as it has 1 Tin Ingot and 3 Copper Ingots and *fuel it will smelt 4 Brass!
  • Shooting mobs with the Mining Laser may set them on fire for a short time, and take fire damage if they are not immune.
  • Buildcraft's "Filler" can be used as a cheap Quarry, provided you don't mind digging down first.
    • Place (all of them), then right click a landmark, THEN place the machine that will use them. Don't place the machine first.
  • Theoretically, a cobblestone generator feeding into a block breaker feeding into a recycler could make infinite scrap, thus infinite scrap boxes, thus infinite diamonds... all automated.
  • Removing any EU-storing block and placing it elsewhere will cause it to have 0 EU stored. (This is one example of how energy conservation doesn't apply to Minecraft, but all its other physics are perfectly realistic.)
  • Putting the Philosopher's Stone in the crafting bench with a coal, will turn it into 4 charcoal, and therefor is a better way to power steam engines,furnaces, generators, etc.
  • To find Diamonds successfully - Start by digging steps down to bedrock, leaving head room. Once at the 5th layer of bedrock (5 above the bottom of the world), strip the rock in different directions with a new pickaxe. Once the axe is broken, head back and strip the mine in another direction. (Strip = Dig through the rock in a straight line, just 2 blocks high.
  • Too many items is a very good mod. If you would like to find the recipe for an item, you can search for it in the tab at the bottom of the screen (once you have pressed 'e') and then press 'Enter'. Once you have accomplished this, hover over the item you wish to find out the recipe, press the letter 'r' and the recipe should pop up on the screen!

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