Tungsten is a naturally spawning, rare mineral added by Redpower2. It has a strong resemblance of Coal and can only be distinguished by its lack of black definition like coal.

This block is considered to be most common near bedrock; however not proven. Its rarity makes it scarcer than both Diamonds and Uranium. It can be collected with an iron pickaxe or higher. At this time, the only use for Tungsten is to convert into EMC. It has the equivalence of two Diamonds in terms of EMC.


  • In reality, Tungsten is an extremely hard yet brittle metal with an array of interesting physical properties, including the highest melting point of any pure metal (3422 degrees Celsius). For this reason, it is commonly used in light bulbs. Also, because of its notable hardness, Tungsten-Carbide alloy tool bits are primarily used in machine tooling of hard materials, alloys, and steels.

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