File:Minecraft Volcano.png
An erupted Volcano in a Taiga biome.

Volcanoes are a naturally generated parts of the Tekkit world introduced by the RedPower mod. They are made of Basalt and take the shape of either a tall, steep mountain (a composite volcano) or a flat plane (a shield volcano). The middle of the volcano will contain a 1x1 shaft of lava surrounded by Basalt that leads down to a large pool of lava near the bedrock level. Lava can generate in random locations on the volcano, which may cause forest fires.

Volcanoes spawn after the world generates causing them to spawn 'inside' biomes. This causes floating vines in jungle biomes.


Volcanoes are a source of basalt which can be used in building and decoration in the form of Micro Blocks. Basalt also has a high blast resistance.

Volcanoes are also an ample source of lava. They have a "Magma Chamber" which is filled with lava, similar to the bulb of oil at the bottom of an Oil Well. An efficient way of generating geothermal power is to place a pump on top of the lava shaft and pump the lava into a geothermal generator.


  • Not all Volcanoes have Magma Chambers in them.
  • Volcanoes will not spawn unless you have Redpower World installed. If you install this patch and then open a previously loaded world, volcanoes will only spawn in newly loaded chunks.

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