Watch of Flowing Time

Watch of Flowing Time

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Type EE Power Items
Stackable No
Item ID 27538:84
Added by Equivalent Exchange

The Watch of Flowing Time is an EE Power Item that gives power over time in Minecraft. It works passively from any space in the hotbar, but not from the inventory.


4 x 139,264 (Dark Matter) + 2 x 64 (Obsidian]) + 2 x 1,536 (Glowstone Block) + 1 x 8,256 (Clock) = 568,512 EMC


While holding the Watch of Flowing Time, press the "V" key to charge it, and hold sneak (the default is shift key) and press "V" to lower the charge. While the clock is on It speeds up machines at a set rate and slows mobs near you at the same rate. The "G" key will toggle the clock grey, or turn it on. Also this is not free. Uses around 2-3 redstone per second. The other fuels in EE2 also work.

  • Level 1: 10%
  • Level 2: 20%
  • Level 3: 30%

The Watch can also affect the time of day. Pressing the "C" key will cause the sun and moon to move faster in their normal directions, pressing it again causes them to move in the opposite direction, and pressing it a third time turns the ability off. This is a free ability, and requires nothing to use. This ability also makes the machines around you speed up depending on the charge level.

Warning: It can also break your redstone circuits because it speeds up your timers too.

Warning: During time speed change many redstone devices in the world might not work ( This includes wireless redstone power too )

Warning: Having it equipped on your hotbar while using a projectile weapon (Bow, Crossbow, Musket, Blunderbuss, Mining Laser, etc.) might "Break it", the projectile stopping right on you or having other weird properties that is not normal. (The mining laser shooting only down or up and setting you on fire)

Placing a Watch of Flowing Time on a Pedestal and activating it gives a Global 7% increase to all machine speeds. This Effect stacks to a Maximum of 10x speed. This doesn't work in SMP.

Keep in mind that when placing mass amounts of Watches on pedestals, it can create large amounts of lag due to the pedestal's particle effects, although greatly speeding up things like Energy Collectors.


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