Name Water
Type Fluid
Physics No
Transparency Partial (-3)
Luminance No
Blast Resistance 500
Tool File:Bucket.png
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value (Flowing Water) dec: 08 hex: 8 (Still Water) dec: 09 hex: 9
EMC Value 769 (bucket)
Mod Included Vanilla

Water is a commonly spawned liquid in both Minecraft and Tekkit. It is very useful throughout the modpack in many different mods.

If you right click a block of water with an Empty Cell, the cell turns into a Water Cell, and the block disappears. If you right-click on water with a bucket, the block dissapears and your bucket is filled. If you put blocks of water around your Nuclear Reactor, it will be cooled.(The more water the more cooling, and only if it's adjacent.)

File:2012-09-16 18.00.45.png
Water can be seen by this building.

Water can also be used in a Compressor to create Snowballs, these can further be compressed to Ice. This can be used as a cooling system in a reactor, but requires a lot of power.

In cold biomes or near a Terraformer (with the freeze program), water will freeze to ice.

You probably know the old-fashioned way to make obsidian, but here's another way:

(Shapeless recipe)





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