Wooden Transport Pipe

The Wooden Transport Pipe, one of the many Pipes added by BuildCraft, is used for extracting items from chests, furnaces and mod items.

They require power directly from an Engine or Energy Link to work, and cannot be powered with Conductive Pipes. They also are the most basic pipe, both in capabilities and rareness of items that are needed.
There is also an Advanced Wooden Transport Pipe, which is a similiar but cheaper version of the Diamond Transport Pipe.

Wooden Transport Pipes will not connect with each other, but can however connect to any other pipe available. The non-wooden pipes will then put items into containers they are connected to. Wooden transport pipes, like non-wooden pipes, can also be used to put items into containers they are connected to.

When the pipe is placed it will attach to the nearest pipe, chest or machine available, the thickest side of the pipe being the side it will extract from which can be changed using a Buildcraft Wrench.

Its block ID is 4306.


Wooden Plank


Wooden Plank

Wooden Pipe



  • When powered by a Redstone Engine, the wooden pipe extracts one item at a time.
  • When powered by a Steam Engine, the wooden pipe extracts up to 52 items at a time. (However the engine will start to overheat)
  • When powered by a Combustion Engine, the wooden pipe extracts up to 1 stack at a time - faster than a steam engine.

  • Wooden pipes can be waterproofed or turned into Conductive Pipes.
  • There appears to be a bug where every engine will only withdraw one item from an Energy Condenser from a wooden pipe. An advanced wooden pipe works properly, but pulls the item out of the top left box... for some reason. It is recommended that a Filter is used, as this works properly.

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