Electric Wrench

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The Electric Wrench is used to dismantle machines or change the output face on energy storage devices. It is an improvement over the standard Wrench. It has infinite durability though it requires electricity to re-charge it.

It can be charged using; Batbox, Charging Bench, MFE, MFS Unit, BatPack, or LapPack.

The Electric Wrench has two different operating modes: Normal and Lossless. While in Normal mode, there is an 80% chance the device being removed will remain intact, making it a 20% chance of reverting to a Machine Block. Lossless mode guarantees a 100% chance of returning the device intact, but uses much more power.

You can switch between Lossless and Normal mode by holding the M key and right clicking. Make sure you hold M and right click the ground to see the message "Lossless wrench mode enabled" or "Lossless wrench mode disabled". (This key setting may conflict with REI MiniMap and may need to be changed in your key config).

It can hold a maximum of 12,000 EU. Normal mode consumes 500 EU for each machine dismantled. Lossless mode consumes 10,000 EU for each machine dismantled.


Raw Materials Needed
1 Grid Refined Iron.png Refined Iron
6 Grid Bronze.png Bronze
3.5 Grid Copper.png Copper 6 to complete Copper Cable crafting
4 Grid Tin.png Tin
4 Grid Redstone Dust.png Redstone Dust
7 Grid Rubber.png Rubber

Video Tutorial

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