Name BatPack
Type ?
Luminance No
Stackable No
Data Value dec:?
Mod Included Industrial Craft 2

The BatPack is a backpack made with 6 RE Batteries that can provide energy in the form of EU to various Electric Tools. It stores 60,000 EU, which is essentially 6 times the storage of any individual tool. This is not a Jetpack , you cannot fly with it.

The BatPack is equipped in the Chest Slot, and is then immediately put to use by any relevant tools, such as the Mining Drill, Diamond Drill, Chainsaw, Electric Wrench, Electric Treetap, and Electric Hoe.

BatPacks can also be placed in the battery slot of a Cropnalyzer.

Using an electric tool (with BatPack energy available) will instantly recharge the tool with a use (i.e. a tool with 1% charge will become fully charged, and you will have the same speed) But a tool with 0% charge will act as if you are punching the block, upon breaking the block however the tool will be fully charged. When using a tool, the BatPack supplies the energy needed for that use, as well as charging the tool itself. The BatPack breaks from a moderate amount of damage, but only when empty.

The BatPack can be upgraded into a LapPack, which can store 300,000 EU compared to the BatPack's 60,000 EU.


RE Battery

RE Battery

RE Battery

Electronic Circuit


RE Battery

RE Battery

RE Battery


Raw Materials:

Total EMC value : 25,180




The BatPack can, just like a normal RE Battery, be recharged in any energy storage device (the BatBox, the MFE Unit or the MFS Unit), as well as in any available Generator or Charging Bench. The BatPack can also recharge a BatBox, MFE Unit, or MFS Unit if placed in the bottom slot. In can also be placed in the charge slot of a Charging Bench to charge various electric tools.

Alternatively it can be charged when worn by using the Static Boots or the Solar Helmet. They can be used in conjunction for greater charging, or replace each other when the charging requirements are not fulfilled.


Input -
Output -
Storage 60,000

Video Tutorial

<youtube height=142 width=222> 0iY80D2zuuY </youtube>

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