The Chainsaw is a rechargeable Electric Tool with unlimited durability. It cuts wood with the speed of a diamond axe and causes leaf blocks to be dropped as if cut by shears, when holding the chainsaw, the game will play a chainsaw sound.

It can be charged using a Solar Panel, Generator, a BatBox, an MFE, an MFS Unit, or any tier of Charging Bench. It can also receive power from a BatPack or can be recharged by right-clicking while holding an RE Battery (hold right-click until it fully charges or until the RE Battery is empty).

When used as a weapon, the chainsaw inflicts 5 hearts of damage in one hit, killing all mobs except Zombies, and Endermen, in two hits.


  • The Chainsaw idle sound will loop on the title screen if you save and quit while holding it.
  • If you enter the inventory and move the Chainsaw from your current slot, the sound will loop in game. To fix this, put it back in the slot it was in originally, scroll to a different spot on the hotbar, and then move the Chainsaw around as you please.


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