Charging Bench

File:Charging Bench.png
Charging Bench charging RE Batteries.

The Charging Bench allows you to charge multiple items at a time. Simply right-click to access the GUI and place items to be charged in the Charging Bench's inventory. It will automatically unstack empty RE Batteries as they are charged. If a Redstone current is applied to the bench, it will reverse its function, discharging batteries placed in its internal storage to provide energy. The Charging Bench's capabilities can be enhanced using upgrades. It can also be powered with Redstone, instead of EU.

Note that to power it with redstone you need to put redstone dust in the battery slot, NOT apply a redstone signal!


Charging Bench Mk1

Raw Materials Needed
1.5 (3 to complete crafting) Grid Copper.png Copper
5 Grid Wooden Plank.png Wooden Plank

Charging Bench Mk2

Raw Materials Needed
0.75 (3 to complete crafting) Grid Gold.png Gold
1 Grid Refined Iron.png Refined Iron
3 Grid Copper.png Copper
2 Grid Redstone Dust.png Redstone Dust
6 Grid Rubber.png Rubber
5 Grid Wooden Plank.png Wooden Plank

Charging Bench Mk3

Raw Materials Needed
1.75 (4 to complete crafting) Grid Refined Iron.png Refined Iron
2 Grid Glowstone Dust.png Glowstone Dust
2 Grid Lapis Lazuli.png Lapis Lazuli
3 Grid Copper.png Copper
6 Grid Redstone Dust.png Redstone Dust
6 Grid Rubber.png Rubber
5 Grid Wooden Plank.png Wooden Plank


The MK1 is the first tier of three benches. It can be used to charge simple items, like the Mining Drill or Electric Wrench and only accepts a LV (up to 32 EU/t) current.

The MK2 bench can charge more advanced items, like the Nano Suit or a Mining Laser and can accept a MV or lower current.

The MK3 can charge Quantum Armour and can accept a HV current or lower.

Note: using transformer upgrades, the benches can accept more EU without any issues. Also, MK2 and MK3 can charge the lower tiers of items so you do not need all 3.


  • Since generators and power storage units act as a charging bench with 1 slot there is little need to build MK1 and MK2 charging benches. In the early stages of the game you do not need to charge multiple tools at once. The MK3 charging bench is relatively cheap to build, so you can build one early on.
  • To improve the charging rate of an MK3 charging bench in early game you can use its battery slot: this slot discharges a RE Battery or Energy Crystal at a rate of 3000 EU per tick, which is even more than an EV cable can handle. Place 2 Energy Crystals inside the MK3 charging bench to have these charged over time by whatever early generator you use. Once your Mining Laser needs a recharge use the charged up energy crystals to assist.



  • You can put redstone in the battery slot of a charging bench. If you put Energy Storage Upgrades in the slots there will be more EU per redstone.

In other words, if you put 4 stacks of Energy Upgrades in a charging bench, one redstone dust can easily fill a few MFSUs.

To output this energy you will have to apply a redstone signal to the charging bench.

Video Tutorial

<youtube width=222 height=142>CAZ-BEXuxcg</youtube>

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