Diamond Drill

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The Diamond Drill

The Diamond Drill is an upgrade of the Mining Drill. It is similar to having a Diamond Pickaxe and Diamond Shovel in one, just a bit faster, has infinite durability, and it requires electricity to be used. The Diamond Drill can also mine Obsidian, unlike the normal Mining Drill.It deals 2 damage (1 full heart) every hit. 

Recharging and EU Usage

It uses around 50-80 EU per block mined. The Diamond Drill can be charged in a Generator, BatBox, MFE, MFSU and a Charging Bench MK1, 2 and 3. However, without a BatPack or LapPack, the drill will last for an extremely short time, since it can only hold 10,000 EU. It is highly recommended to bring one of the above (or a few RE Batteries) along in order to recharge your drill.




Mining Drill


Diamond Drill


Video Tutorials

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