Static Boots

Static Boots

File:Static Boots.png

Type Utility Armors
Stackable No
Item ID 30115
Added by Industrial Craft 2

Static Boots are to charge a BatPack, LapPack or Electric Jetpack at the rate of 1 EU for every 5 blocks traveled. It will not charge any other electronic device. To charge, the player must be wearing the BatPack, LapPack or Electric Jetpack in the chest slot. Any items in the inventory will not be charged.

A similar item to the Static Boots is the Solar Helmet. This armor item will charge any equipment in the chestplate slot at a rate of 1 EU/t, or 20 EU per second. Use these items in conjunction for an improved charging rate.



  • The Static Boots's texture is identical to that of the Rubber Boots.
  • When using the Static Boots, the player must travel 300,000 blocks to fully charge a BatPack, 1.5 million blocks to fully charge a LapPack, and 150,000 blocks to fully charge an Electric Jetpack.

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