Alchemical Tome

Alchemical Tome


Type EE Power Items
Stackable Yes (64)
Item ID 27594
Added by Equivalent Exchange

Upon placing an Alchemical Tome into the burn slot of a Transmutation Tablet, it automatically unlocks every item that can be transmuted , being consumed in the process. It is an expensive item to make, requiring 2 fully charged Klein Star Omegas to make it. When the EMC of all the ingredients is added together, the total cost of the Alchemical Tome is 152,732,018, the most EMC-expensive item in Tekkit.

EMC Value

2 x 51,200,000 (Klein Star Omega charge) + 2 x 25,165,824 (Klein Star Omega) + 2 x 128 (High Covalence) + 2 x 8 (Medium Covalence) + 2 x 1 (Low Covalence) + 96 (Book) = 155,732,018 EMC total.

This EMC value equates to roughly 18,644 diamonds.


Please note that both Klein Star Omegas need to be fully charged in order for the recipe to work.


  • It is the only legitimate way to get music disc 11.
  • At one point, when crafted in a Crafting Table III the KSOs did not have to be fully charged. However the Crafting Table III is not in the current version of Tekkit.
  • It is the only legitimate way to obtain the Dragon Egg without going the end.

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