Coolant Cell

Coolant Cell

File:Coolant Cell.png

Type Nuclear Reactor
Stackable No
Item ID 30206
Added by Industrial Craft 2

The Coolant Cell is an item created from a Water Cell. It is most often used in Nuclear Reactors but also extends to IC2 Upgrades and Hydration Cells as well.

Farming Usage

When growing plants using a crop, you can right click the crop with a collant cell in your hand. This will increase the speed that the plants grow at. This can also be done with Hydration Cells.

Nuclear Reactor Usage

This cell can cool the reactor, absorbing up to 10.000 heat units from uranium cells, while cooling itself down by 1 unit of heat/tick. When the "charge" on a Coolant Cell is low, leave it in a Nuclear Reactor that is generating no heat (at all - no Uranium cells) and it will regain the "charge" over a period of time. It will not recharge whilst in a chest. Stored heat can be drawn out by an Integrated Heat Disperser to prevent an overburdened cooling cell from melting.


Water Cell

RE Battery (Charged)

Coolant Cell


Overclocker Upgrade

Integrated Heat Disperser


Coolant Cell

Advanced Circuit

Integrated Reactor Plating


Coolant Cell

Integrated Heat Disperser

Hydration Cell

Video Tutorial

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