Hydration Cell

Hydration Cell

File:Hydration Cell.png

Type IC Agriculture
Stackable No
Item ID 30120
Added by Industrial Craft 2

Hydration Cells are cells full of highly refined water, made from placing a Water Cell into an Extractor to make a Coolant Cell, and then again to make it into a Hydration Cell. Simply right-clicking the cell onto some IC crops will consume some of the water and hydrate the plant for a period of time. The cells can also be inserted into a Crop-Matron for automatic usage. Two partial Hydration Cells can be crafted together into a single cell with the combined amount of usage left.

Hydration Cells, along with Fertilizer, add to a hidden Nutrition value in the Crop. When a Seed Bag refuses to plant, or a plant disappears, it is usually because the Crop's Nutrition value falls too low to support the plant. As a plant's stats increase, so do the Nutrition requirements for that plant. In the case of not planting, another factor could simply be improper light level.

Hydration Cells are not a replacement for water, but a supplement. Also, Nutrition value only plays a part if the crop has not yet reached its final growth stage.


Coolant Cell

RE Battery (Charged)

Coolant Cell

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