The Crop-Matron is a machine that will apply Weed-Ex, Hydration Cells and Fertilizer as needed to all plants within a 9x9x3 area around it.

It requires 1EU/t, thus being able to run with only one Solar Panel, however you may want to use 2 Solar Panels and a BatBox as solar power will not work at night and the device does not possess internal energy storage. It accepts 32EU/t before exploding. However, you should instead use four Water Mills as the EU they provide is constant and they are more cost effective than two Solar Panels and a BatBox.

Weed-Ex, Fertilizer, and Hydration Cells are either added manually by right-clicking on the Crop-Matron, or automatically through buildcraft pipes. A Crop-Matron will hold three stacks of Fertilizer, three Hydration Cells, and three cans of Weed-Ex. It uses the supplies quickly, so good timing is required to make sure it keeps a good supply on hand - otherwise the crops it is tending could be taken over by weeds.


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