Copper Block

Copper Block

File:Copper Block.png

Tool Grid Iron Pickaxe.png
Stackable Yes (64)
Item ID 224
Added by Industrial Craft 2

Copper Blocks, added by IndustrialCraft, have simply no practical use excluding decoration and storage. These blocks can really only be used for decoration giving a nice rustic metal finish to aspects of your buildings.

Storage Saving Application

If you had too much Copper then you could use 9 Copper Ingots to create these blocks for storage purposes to save space in Chests. This is possible because they may be converted back to copper ingots very simply. It would take 576 copper ingots to create one full stack of copper blocks, therefore condensing from approximately 9 full stacks of Copper Ingots into only one stack of copper blocks. Having approximately a 9:1 efficiency rating, this is true for all other metal blocks (i.e. Iron Block, Tin Block and many more).


Copper Block


Copper Ingot

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