IndustrialCraft's Dynamite placed and thrown.

There are two types of Dynamite. The Industrialcraft Dynamite, crafted with Industrial TNT, and Balkons Weapon Mod Dynamite, crafted with a string and two gunpowder. See Recipes for reference.

IndustrialCraft Dynamite

IndustrialCraft Dynamite is a smaller, throwable version of Industrial TNT, which has a high explosion-precision mechanism.

Right clicking once with this item in hand will throw the dynamite. If the dynamite falls in water, the explosion will be contained and no blocks will be damaged, just like vanilla TNT. The dynamite will stick onto the ground when thrown. It will not stick to walls when thrown, but it can be placed on walls.

It can be placed on a block by right-clicking while in range of the block. Then, right click with a Dynamite-O-Mote, which will prime the dynamite - the top of the dynamite will turn grey to indicated it is primed. Then it can be detonated from a distance by right clicking again with the Dynamite-O-Mote.

You can change Dynamite into Sticky Dynamite by using Sticky Resin. This will make it stick to walls and ceilings when thrown. Unfortunately, it will not stick to mobs or players.

WeaponMod Dynamite

File:Dynamite active ground.png
Balkon's Weapon Mod Dynamite on ground just before detonation.

There is also a form of throwable dynamite available in Balkons Weapon Mod.

Right clicking once with this item in hand will light the fuse. If the dynamite is not thrown in this time by right clicking again, the fuse will extinguish. If thrown, the dynamite will stick onto the ground.It is much more destructive and does more damage to mobs than the Industrialcraft dynamite; However, it cannot be thrown nearly as far and can't be remotely detonated.



Remember that the TNT used is Industrial TNT.

Balkon's Weapon Mod:


  • Some people usually get mixed up between Industrial TNT and Vanilla TNT. This is NOT made with Vanilla TNT, it is made with Industrial TNT.


Sticky Dynamite

IndustrialCraft Dynamite:

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