Fuel Can (Filled)

Filled Fuel Can
Name Filled Fuel Can
Type Fuel
Luminance No
Stackable No
Data Value dec:30232:15288
Mod Included Industrial Craft 2

The Filled Fuel Can is the product of filling an Empty Fuel Can in a Canning Machine using Biofuel Cells or Coalfuel Cells. You also can fill an Empty Fuel Can with a Fuel Bucket. 6 Coalfuel Cells are required to fill one Empty Fuel Can. As producing all of these is complex, consider automated Fuel production instead of hand carrying to the various machines and crafting stations.

It cannot be used in Steam Engines.


A filled fuel can is used inside a generator to generate EUs depending on what fuel cells the can was filled with.

Filled can with coalfuel cells or a Fuel Bucket : 76440 EU vs 6 coal burned in a generator at : 24000 EU

Filled can with biofuel cells : 26040 EU vs 24 saplings in a generator at : 06000 EU

Filled can with Buildcraft refined fuel : 80000 EU via Power Converters recipe (no direct comparison)



Empty fuel can + Buildcraft Fuel bucket = Filled Fuel Can

Energy Comparison

Template:Smelting energy values


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