Interdiction Torch

File:2012-11-11 00.14.39.png
Zombie Pigmen surrounding an Interdiction Torch

The Interdiction Torch will push away all hostile mobs (except Slimes, Magma Cubes, and Ghasts) within a 5-block radius. The effect is similar to that of an activated Swiftwolf's Rending Gale. It also deflects projectiles fired into the effective radius of the torch, such as arrows from Skeletons and fireballs from Blaze and Ghast.

File:Mob repelling radius.png
the effective monster repelling radius is shown as the glass circle, while light given off radius is shown by the glass panes.

Putting an interdiction torch in an Alchemical Chest will cause the chest to produce a light level of 15 and repel mobs. The fact that it emits light means that it has ability to act as Glowstone above an Energy Collector, providing additional power to the collector.

Note: In SSP and SMP, an occasional glitch occurs where the Alchemical Chest does not light up or repel mobs when an interdiction torch is put in it. Exiting and re-entering the game typically corrects this problem.


The Philosopher's Stone will not be consumed by this recipe. It will remain in the crafting grid.

An Interdiction Torch repelling various mobs


  • Mobs can sometimes spawn in the area of the Interdiction Torch. They will not be able to move but they can still harm you. (e.g. Creepers can still explode.)

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