NanoSuit Helmet

The Nano Helmet is part of the Nano Armor set included as part of IndustrialCraft. The Nano Armor has no durability but runs on electrical energy. The fully charged armor set negates all damage done to the player and can be upgraded to Quantum Armor that adds special abilities, such as Faster running and high jump.


Raw Materials Needed
32 Grid Coal.png Coal
1 File:Diamond.png Diamond
8 Grid Redstone Dust.png Redstone Dust
1 Grid Glass.png Glass


​The NanoSuit helmet is not only used as armor, but is used to craft the Quantum Suit armor.


Video Tutorial


This armour can be charged at a MFE, MFSU or Charging Bench Mk3 and can hold 100,000 EU of energy like all other Nano Armour.

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