Nether Wart

Nether Wart

File:Nether Wart.png

Type Vanilla
Stackable Yes (64)
Item ID item: dec: 372 hex: 174 block: dec: 115 hex: 73

Nether Wart is a vanilla Minecraft plant, as well as a Tier 5 plant from Industrial Craft 2 (Tiers range from 1-8). It can be acquired from Nether Fortresses and Cross Breeding. You can plant Nether Wart into Crops directly, though its stats will all be 1.

In its intial stage of growth it is identical to Terra Wart, another Tier 5 plant.

Harvesting Nether Wart may yield either Nether Warts, Nether Wart Seed Bags, or both.

Recommended cross-breeding combos: Hops + Hops, Stickreed + Stickreed

File:Nether Wart Stages of Growth.png
Nether Wart Stages of Growth.


Nether Wart is mainly used for brewing potions in vanilla Minecraft. Click this link for the Minecraft Wiki article on potions.

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