Terra Wart

Terra wart growing

Terra Wart is a Tier 5 plant from Industrial Craft 2 (Tiers range from 1-8). It can only be acquired from Cross Breeding. However you can plant harvested Terra Wart, though its stats will all be 1.

In its intial stage of growth it is identical to Nether Wart. On its second stage of growth it takes on a blue color.

Harvesting Terra Wart may yield either Terra Wart plants, Terra Wart Seed Bags, or both. Eating Terra Wart plants removes all negative effects (except blindness) of potions, beer, or rum (similar to the effect of drinking milk).

Recommended cross-breeding combos: Stickreed + Stickreed, Nether Wart + Nether Wart

A large field of Terra Wart being tended to by two Crop-Matrons. Cultivated by mdouglas3.

Terra Wart Growth Stages:

Terra Wart Growth Stages

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